Beginners Guide to Getting a House in Final Fantasy

Purchasing a house in Final Fantasy is a goal for many players in Final Fantasy, but most have discovered the challenge of getting a house can be daunting… not to mention extremely difficult and time-consuming.

The biggest challenge for potential new homeowners in Final Fantasy is acquiring the first house. When a spot becomes available, it will start a hidden timer that means it will be available for purchase sometime in the next 8-16 hours (although it can also be outside of those times, as rarely it can take even longer than those 16 hours).

Where Housing Districts Are

There are currently four housing districts, although there will be a fifth added at some point after Endwalker launches.

  • The Mists is located by Limsa Lominsa – unlocked with “Where the Heart Is (Mist)” quest.
  • Lavender Beds is located by Gridania – unlocked with “Where the Heart Is (Lavender Beds)” quest.
  • The Goblet is located by Ul’dah – unlocked with “Where the Heart Is (The Goblet)” quest.
  • Shirogane is located by Kugane – unlocked with “I Dream of Shirogane” quest.
  • Ishgard housing coming in Endwalker (availability date TBD)

How housing plots become available

First, the only way to purchase a house plot is for a house to go to demolition (because the owner has not logged into the game for 45 days) if someone relocates to another property (such as upgrading from a small to a large or moves to a better spot from their current location).

Second, anytime a medium or large comes up as available, it will be relocated to by someone who already owns a house – so first-time homeowners will have to settle with trying to get a small plot when it is available.

Depending on your server, chances are high your very first house will be in the Goblet. While there are a few premium spots in Goblet, the smalls in Goblet tend to be the least desirable and are the ones most often purchased by new homeowners. And those with spots in Goblet will often try and relocate to another spot in one of the other wards, which right now are Mists, Lavender Beds, and Shirogane. It is not unusual to see a chain of the same plot in the Goblet come up again and again.


So how to relocates work? If you currently have a house, if you see another plot available, you can relocate your current house to it immediately, without waiting for FF to make the plot available for sale. So the more desirable smalls that are available tend to be taken first by relocations before it ever officially comes up for sale.

And since relocations bypass the hidden sale timer, you can be camping a plot only for someone to come along and relocate while you are waiting for it to be available for sale.

Are you eligible to buy a plot?

First, there are a few requirements you need to have in order to buy a plot.

Level Requirements

You need to be level 50 on any class on the realm you wish to purchase a plot on.

Grand Company

You also need to have the rank of Second Lieutenant within your Grand Company.  You get access to join a Grand Company around level 20 as you work your way through the Main Scenario Quests.  There are three to choose from – The Maelstrom based in Limsa Lominsa, The Order of the Twin Adder in Girdania and The Immortal Flames in Ul’dah.

For convenience sake, you might want to choose the Grand Company based in the location where you ultimately want to have your house.

Special requirements for Shirogane

If you are wanting to have a house in Shirogane (although it is very likely you will need to relocate to it), you will also need to have unlocked it following the Main Story Questline then complete the quest I Dream of Shirogane.

Cannot own another house on the same server

Likely already known, but you can only own one personal house on a server, as well as one Free Company house.  So you cannot own multiple personal houses on the same server, even if you purchase them with an alt.

How much does it cost?

You should safely budget 4 million Gil to purchase your first small – this gives you the leeway if it is not the lowest tier of the smalls that are available.

Every housing plot is ranked from rank 1 (most expensive and generally the ones with the best view or waterfront) to rank 5 (the worst plots in each neighborhood).  Most of the ones that will be available to purchase will be class 4 or 5, but sometimes you might get lucky as a first-time buyer on a higher-ranked plot since others will bypass it for the cheaper options.

If a housing plot has been for sale for long enough, the price will drop.  Sometimes this will happen while the house is still in the “not available for purchase” phase.

Here are the starting prices for each small:

  • First class: 3,750,000 gil
  • Second-class: 3,562,500 gil
  • Third class: 3,375,000 gil
  • Fourth class: 3,187,500 gil
  • Fifth class: 3,000,000 gil

So the plots you will likely buy for the first time will be a fourth or fifth-class plot, but you may get lucky with a third or second class depending on the server.

Don’t forget that after you purchase a plot, you need to buy a building permit too.  For a small cottage, that is 450,000 gil.  You can sometimes pick them up cheaper on the market board if someone bought the wrong one by accident.  You need to purchase the permit to build a house within 45 days of purchasing the plot, or it will be auto-demolioshed.

How to Find Open Plots

You can find open plots by looking at the Residential District Aethernet in Limsa Limosa, New Gridania, Ul’dah, and Kugane.  However, your best bet is checking Goblet unless you are on a low population server where housing is more readily available.

Here you can see that plot 53 is available and the current price is 3.36M Gil.

When viewing the map from the specific ward, it will have a gavel icon on the property, as you can see on plot 53 below.

And here is the crowd waiting for it to become available for purchase:

There is also a community housing alerts discord for housing where people are checking for plots available and post the ones they see available.   Using this will help you gauge when a house will be available for purchase in the prime time hours.

What are prime time hours for purchasing a house?

While a house plot might be available for sale anytime from 0 hours to 24 hours after the plot first becomes available, the majority of plots will become available in the 10-14 hour time frame from once it first becomes available.  So this will give you a better timeline for when it is best to camp a plot, especially for those with more limited playtime.

For example, if you see a plot has become available at 6am, then primetime for the plot to become available for purchase would be between 4pm and 8pm.  Of course, it can sell before or after that time, and recently players have been reporting sales happening around the 15-hour mark, so don’t be overly surprised to see it going longer.  But if you check the housing alert discord, someone will usually update when a plot is sold or relocated to.

Purchasing the Housing Plot

When you are spamming the placard, which is the sign located in front of the vacant property, it will give you the option to purchase the property, with the price listed.  However, most of the time you will get an alert that the property is not yet available for purchase.  So then you need to try again… and again… and again.  Be prepared to click this hundreds of times in your attempt to purchase a house.

How long will it take?

If you are on a high population server, you might have to camp ten different plots to finally get lucky enough to win one.  Or you might have beginner’s luck and get the very first one you try for.

The biggest thing is that you want to try and attempt the purchase as frequently as possible.  Every time you click the placard to purchase is another chance you have to win, especially when there is a crowd of players all trying to win the same plot.  If you only check once a minute, you might get lucky.  But most players will obsessively click the placard every few seconds to increase their chances that theirs will be the one that goes through when FF makes the property available.

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