Best Relaxing Orchestrion Rolls in Final Fantasy & How to Get Them

With there being so many orchestrial rolls in Final Fantasy XIV now, it can be hard to sort through and find music for a specific theme, especially when the preview clip can sometimes not really match what the overall song is like.

If you are looking for some nice relaxing songs to play on your Orchestrion in your house or apartment, here are some of the most chill and relaxing songs you can get from orchestrion rolls, and how to get each one.

Do note that some of these orchestrion rolls are crafted by alchemists.  The completed rolls can be quite expensive on the auction house, but the faded orchestrion roll can often be purchased for quite cheap.  However, many of them require learning the various master alchemist tomes.

Don’t forget you can check which orchestrion rolls you already have obtained by checking the log, which is under

And Love You Shall Find

This is a quest reward from completing the level 80 quest The Sorrow of Werlyt questline, with Duty in the Sky with Diamond rewarding the roll.

It is # 77 listed under Others.

Down the Up Staircase

The theme song from The Antitower.  This is crafted by a Master Alchemist III.  The faded copy of the orchestrion roll drops from The Antitower.  It can be purchased on the market board.

It is # 23 listed under Dungeons.

Painted Skies

This orchestrion roll is available from the Kupo of Fortune at the Firmament.  It can be purchased on the market board too.

It is # 73 listed under Locales I.


This is the theme from Reisen Temple.  It is awarded as a quest reward from the quest An Auspicious Encounter, which unlocks Hells’ Life.

It is #39 listed under Others.

Fragments of Forever

This is music played during various cutscenes.  It is available for purchase from the Housing Merchants in the various residential housing districts for 5000 gil.

It is #31 listed under Others.

The Silent Regard for Stars

This is the night theme music in the Dravanian Hinterlands.  This one is a bit more difficult to obtain.  The faded copy of the roll drops from hunts in Dravanian Hinterlands.  Then a Master Alchemist III can craft it.

It is #40 listed under Locales I

Victory or Death

This is the theme from the Eureka FATEs.  You need to do donations to The Doman Enclave to unlock the vendor to purchase this from the Junkmonger.

It is #49 under Others.

Ink Long Dry

This is the theme song in the Great Gubal Library.  This is a love it or hate it song, as some people don’t like the discordant tones in the song.  It drops at the end of the dungeon.

It is #18 under Dungeons.

Night in the Brume

This is the night theme in The Foundation.  You can purchase this one for 5000 gil, from Frine in The Pillars.

It is #37 under Locales I.

Night in the Brume (Piano Collections)

This is actually my favorite version of Night in the Brume, it is slowed down a bit more for the piano.  However, it is a Mog Station purchase.

It is unnumbered under Online Store and Bonuses.

Sultana Dreaming

This is the night theme for Ul’Dah.  You can purchase it in Ul’Dah from Roarich for 5000 gil.

It is #6 under Locales I.

The Warrens

This is the theme from Snowcloak dungeon and drops at the end of the dungeon.  This is a very popular one for relaxing housing music since so many players get this while levelling through the MSQ.

It is #10 under Dungeons.

Twilight Under Thanalan

This is a popular song from the original Final Fantasy XIV release.   This one is hard to obtain as it is a random drop from The Aquapolis, which access to is spawned after completing a Timeworn Dragonskin map.

It is #15 under Locales I.

Footsteps in the Snow

This is Shiva’s theme.  It is crafted by a Master Alchemist I and the faded version drops from Akh Afah Amphitheatre on Extreme.

It is #15 under Trials.

A Land Long Dead

The Burn (Hard) theme song that drops in The Burn dungeon.  This can be hard to obtain but it is also available on the market board, but it can also be quite expensive.

It is #40 under Dungeons

Ambient Sounds

There is also a series of various ambient sounds available from the housing merchant for 5000 gil each, other than the ambient abyss one which comes from submarine voyages.

  • Ambient Birdsong
  • Ambient Waves
  • Ambient Rainfall
  • Ambient Cricketsong
  • Ambient Insects
  • Ambient Bonfire
  • Ambient Kitchen
  • Babbling Brook
  • Bustling Boulevard
  • Temple Bell
  • Chapel Bell
  • Ambient Wind Chime
  • Ambient Abyss


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