How to Farm Mats to Craft the Southern Seas Skirt in FFXIV

One of the most popular skirts in Final Fantasy is the Southern Seas skirt, as it is a nice skirt for glamour that comes above the knees but isn’t super short.  However, it can be pretty pricey to purchase off of the market board, but you can farm the mats and craft the skirt yourself.

First, to craft the skirt, you need to have a weaver at level 80 and purchase the crafting tome “Master Weaver VIII” which includes the pattern for crafting the Southern Seas Skirt (along with some other popular recipes such as the Frontier glamour set).

The Southern Seas Skirt requires three different crafting materials:

  • 2x Seacloth
  • 3x Duskcourt Cloth
  • 1x Dwarven Cotten

However, obtaining the crafting mats can be a bit complicated, and requires some special recipes or skills purchased with crafter or gatherer scripts.


This will be the most difficult to obtain.  It comes from dungeons that are only accessible via a portal from a Zonureskin treasure map.  The portal to the dungeon only has a chance to spawn when using the treasure map.

Seacloth is available on the market board, however.  Since the skirt only requires two piece of seacloth, it might make more sense to purchase it if you do not have easy access to either a map or a group that regularly does them.

Duskcourt Cloth

Duskcourt cloth is another recipe you will learn from the Master Weaver VIII tome that includes the Southern Seas skirt recipe.

To craft each Duskcourt Cloth, you need 4 Duskblooms (so 12 total) which are gathered by a botanist.  However, to be able to gather Duskblooms, you need to purchase the Tome of Botanical Folklore from the Splendors Vendor in Eulmore.   It will cost a total of 4,000 yellow gatherer scripts to purchase the 40 Regional Folklore Trade Tokens to buy the tome.

You also need Caprice Fleece as the second crafting reagent for the duskcourt cloth.  You need 2 for each cloth, so a total of 6 for enough Duskcourt cloth for the skirt.  It is purchased from Aymark in Eulmore for 10 Allagan Tomestones of Allegory (so a total of 60 allegory tomestones).

Both Duskblooms and Caprice Fleece can also be purchased on the marketboard.

Dwarven Cotton

Dwarven Cotton is learned automatically as you level up weaving.  It requires 3 Dwarven Cotton thread to craft one Dwarven Cotton.  And to make the thread, it requires 4 x Dwarven Cotton Boll.  So to make the single piece of Dwarven Cotton, you need 16 Dwarven Cotton Bolls.

The bolls can be gathered by botany or you can purchase the cotton, cotton thread or bolls on the  market board too.

Making the Southern Sea Skirt

Once you have your 2 x Seacloth, 3 x Duskcourt Cloth and 1 x Dwarven Cotten, you can craft the southern seas skirt!



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