How to Farm Mats to Craft the Spring Skirt in FFXIV

The spring skirt is a sought-after glamour piece.  It is a longer wrap-style skirt in a shiny fabric with a waistband with a side bow, but it can be extremely expensive on the market board.  You can farm the materials to craft the skirt yourself, or purchase some of the items on the market board.  But it definitely will take some work to farm it.

The skirt requires a level 50 weaver, and it is a 3-star craft, which shouldn’t be a problem for weavers of that level, with a requirement of only 391 craftsmanship.  It is automatically learned by weavers.

The materials to craft the Spring Skirt:

  • 2 x Dress Material
  • 1 x Vanya Silk
  • 1 x Silk Thread

While the silk and thread will be easier to obtain, it is the Dress Material that is the reason why Spring Skirts are so expensive on the market board.

Dress Material

Dress Material is a drop from Timeworn Peisteskin Treasure Maps.  These maps are obtained by using botany or mining on level 50 gathering nodes in various locations throughout Thanalan, Shroud and Coerthas as well as via fishing in these zones.   Farming Rosewood in Bramble Patch in East Shroud is a great spot for Botanists and mining Cobalt in Bluefrog in Northern Thanalan is a great spot for miners.

Usually, you will get one while farming within 15-20 mins.  However, you can only obtain one every 18 hours, and you can check in your timers to see when you last looted one.

You can also purchase the maps on the market board.  So while you can only loot one map per day, you can save them on your retainer or purchase multiples on the auction board to do more than one at once.  When you go out to farm them, you can carry one in your personal inventory and then a second one in your Chocobo Saddlebag.  So you can use as many of the Timeworn Peisteskin Treasure Maps in a day as you want, as long as you can keep purchasing them on the market board.

Once you decipher the treasure map and spawn the event, Dress Material has a chance to drop in the final chest after you successfully defeat it.  I got one each from my first two Timeworn Peisteskin Treasure Maps, but my third did not have any, so there is an RNG factor.

Retainers doing exploration missions can also return with Dress Material in rare instances.

You can also purchase Dress Marterial on the market board, however, it will be very expensive and could be priced more than purchasing the skirt, depending on your server.  If you want to purchase the Dress Material (such as if you one piece of Dress Material already), I highly recommend server hopping on your data center to price check.  The pricing can be wildly different depending on your server.

Silk Thread

Silk thread is crafted by a weaver.  It requires Silkworm Cocoon which is gathered by a botanist.  The node is a rare node by Nine Ivies in East Shroud, and appears between 1am and 4am.

It is also easy to send your retainer out to gather the Silkworm Cocoons on a retainer with level 50 botany with gathering skill of at least 149.

It also requires Effervescent Water, which is gathered by a level 24 miner in the South Shroud.  It can also be brought back by a mining retainer.

To craft the skirt, you will need a total of 3 silk thread.

Vanya Silk

Vanya Silk is crafted by a two-star level 50 weaver.   It requires 2 silk thread and 9 potash.  Silk thread is easily farmable (see above), but the potash is a bit more difficult depending on what type of content you do in the game.  Each potash costs either 1 Ixali Oaknot (for a total of 9) or 200 seals each (or a total of 1800 seals for 9 potash) from your Grand Company quartermaster.


The skirt is dyeable, although it retains the dark colored waistband with bow.

Final Thoughts

For those without the gil to purchase the skirt outright, your best bet is to farm a new Timeworn Peisteskin Treasure Map daily and hope you get the Dress Material drop, then worry about the rest of the crafting materials.  You can also let others in your Free Company know you are interested in helping do these maps and you can sometimes find groups doing them in party finder as well.



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