How to get a Medium Housing Plot in Final Fantasy XIV

Many people love the Medium housing sizes in Final Fantasy.  Unlike the cottages (small plots) with only a main floor and a basement, the medium housing plots feature a spacious main floor as well as both an upstairs and a basement too.  You also double the number of furnishings you can place in the house, which is great for those who love decorating.

But what are the best ways to get a medium housing plot?

First, unless you play on a dead server, you will need to purchase a small housing plot first, to take advantage of the relocation feature that allows you to relocate to a plot the instant it becomes available, and not sit at the placard for the hidden timer to make the plot available to first time buyers.

So you will need to take advantage of the relocation ability to get a medium.  There are a few ways to do this.

Sweeping Neighborhoods

Most plots become available at the top of the hour if they are auto-demoed.  If a player hasn’t visited their house for 45 days, Square Unix demoes the plot and makes it available to players.

While demoes happen at the top of every hour, it is usually about 30 seconds after the hour the demoes actually happen.  And you will need to be quick, when a medium housing plot becomes available because of a demo, usually a player will snap it up within 1-3 minutes of it becoming available.

You will need to sweep the entire neighborhood, which means checking all wards and all subdivisions for open plots.

Sometimes plots become available at other times, such as when a buyer pays someone to auto demo a spot, they move to that spot, and their old plot will become available.  So it can be worth scanning at other times as well, but it is seldom that a medium will come available this way.

Also, when a player transfers, they also lose their personal housing plot, so plots can become available at odd times due to transfers.  This has been happening more on servers with incentives to transfer off due to congestion.  But most players who are going to transfer will attempt to sell the plot first before transferring.

There is a discord where players scan neighborhoods and post the results and sometimes medium plots can show up there before anyone relocates to them.  You react to your server and the type of property you are looking for, and the discord will ping you when there is a plot available.

Purchasing a Plot from a Player

Another popular way to purchase a house is to purchase one from a player.  Because you cannot transfer ownership of a house, you are basically paying a player to remove their house from a plot (either by relocating or by demoing), making it available to purchase.

This is a buyer beware situation, as you have to trust that the player will relinquish the plot to you after you pay for the player to remove their house from the plot.

You can also purchase a Free Company that owns the plot. You join the FC, they promote you to the leader, then you can remove the members if you so wish.  If you decide to remove members, giving notice is nice.  But they can also help you level the FC too and earn credits.

Never purchase a plot and have the transfer happen anywhere near the top of the hour, as that is when people are actively scanning and looking for plots.

New Wards & Districts

Sometime in the next expansion, Ishgard will become available as the new housing district.  It is expected there will be some sort of lottery system to get a plot here, but it won’t be until a later patch in the expac.

They also occasionally add new housing plots, so it is possible to get a housing plot that way as well.


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