How to Get All the New Endwalker Mounts in Final Fantasy

Endwalker has added many new mounts with the launch of the new Final Fantasy expansion, and some are fairly easy to get, such as completing the MSQ.  But others require a serious grind and commitment in order to obtain because who doesn’t love doing thousands of fates!

There are some spoilers ahead with drop locations, mount names and currency, so if you haven’t yet finished the main scenario questline,

Here is a list of all the new mounts and how you obtain each one:



This mount is identical to the one you ride in various parts of the Main Scenario Quest.  It is obtained simply by completing the entire MSQ.


This mount is obtained as one of the bonuses to the Endwalker Collectors Edition.


This is a new mount reward added to Khloe and is purchased with Khloe’s Gold Certificate of Commendation.


This is a new PVP season award.

Level Checker

This is purchased with 12 Chi Bolts, which is a currency drop from the world boss fate “Omicron Recall: Killing Order” which requires you to kill Chi.  You then trade 12 Chi Bolts to the NPC in Radz-at-Han.

You will need to kill Chi twice, as it drops 6 Chi Bolts for each kill.

Lynx of Divine Light

This drops from the new Extreme Trial.

Lynz of Eternal Darkness

This is also a new Extreme Trial mount drop.


This mount will require quite a grind!  It is awarded from an achievement for killing 2000 A Ranks and 1000 S Ranks in the new Endwalker zones.


This new mount is the worst grind of them all.  It is purchased for 500 Bicolor Crystal Vouchers – and you need 100 bicolor gemstones to purchase each of the new Bicolor Crystal Vouchers.  And you only unlock the ability to purchase these new voicers after getting the maximum shared FATE reputation.


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