How to Get Shisui Joi Glamour Set in Final Fantasy

For those who are looking for a sexier outfit without having to resort to the mog station store or a crafted outfit which often require rare materials, the Shisui Joi glamour set might be a great option.
One thing worth noting is this set is not dyeable, so it will only be in the original color, and that varies depending on which role the set is for. There are a total of 9 different sets.

Shisui Joi of Healing is white with red accents.
Shisui Joi of Healing
Shisui Joi of Casting is black with purple accents.

Shisui Joi of Scouting is black with turquoise green accents.

Shisui Joi of Fending is black with red accents.

Shisui Joi of Aiming is olive green with red and purple accents.

Shisui Joi of Maiming is seafog blue with ash grey accents.

Shisui Joi of Striking is woad blue with yellow accents.

How do you get the Shisui Joi set? The pieces only drop in the dungeon Shisui of the Violet Tides, which is unlocked by progressing on the main scenario questline. The chest piece is the most popular, and it only drops from the last boss.

The chestpiece itself is called the Shisui Joi, while other pieces in the set are all named Shishui ____.

Shisui Kohokama are the legs that drop off the final boss Shisui Yohi.
Shisui Mengu (head) and Shisui Kote (hands) drop off the second boss Ruby Princess.
Shisui Zori (feet) and Shisui Obi (waist for completionist) drop off the first boss Amikiri.
There are four treasure coffers throughout the dungeon, however, none of them can drop any of the Shisui pieces.
There are many glamour pieces that people use along with the Shisui Joi chest pieces as well. Many skirts can be dyed to match if you prefer the look of the chest but prefer something different on the bottom.

There is also a somewhat similar Faire Joi chest, but it is a MOG station piece and part of the “Eastern Fair-goer’s Attire” set. This version can be dyed.

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