How to get the Allagan Melon Minion

The Allagon Melon minion is an adorable melon, which looks just like a watermelon, and has an adorable animation where he splits in half to show his juicy watermelon goodness inside.  But this pet is fairly easy to obtain with a week’s worth of dedication.

This minion is grown from a seed and takes 7 days to grow, although you can reduce the grow time by using fishmeal fertilizer.

Also, you don’t need to have a house to grow this.  You can also grow it using a special flower pot in either an apartment or in your private quarters in your Free Company House.

To purchase the seeds for this minion, you need to go to the material supplier or the apartment merchant located in your housing district.  The seeds are called Allagan Melon Seeds and are only 300 gil each.  They are also available on the market board, but they tend to be overpriced unless someone bought extra and is selling them cheap.

You do not need any of the higher-end grades of soil, as it will not affect the outcome of receiving the minion at the end, nor can it create extra seeds.  So any Grade 1 soil you have on hand is fine.  You can either use botany to obtain the soil, or you can simply buy it off the market board (which is probably cheaper once you take into account the cost of travelling to one of the nodes for a single soil).

You need to plant your seed in a garden plot, which can be placed outside your house or FC house, or in a flowerpot if you are planting it in an apartment or private quarters.  These flowerpots are called Riviera Flowerpot, Oasis Flowerpot and Glade Flowerpot.  They all work exactly the same, the pots just have different appearances, so you can choose the one that best suits your decor.  These pots can be purchased from the Housing Merchant or Apartment Merchant in each of the housing districts.

To plant your Allagan Melon Seed, select the flower pot, then choose plant seed.  Select your soil and your seed, then confirm to plant.

If you would like to speed up the 7 days slightly, you can also use fishmeal to fertilize the plant, although you can only fertilize once per hour.

You need to tend to your plant every 24 hours.  If you do not, it will wilt and possibly die.  This is every real 24 hours, not in game 24 hours.  So you will need to login at least once a day to tend to your plant, or ask someone else to tend it for you.

After 7 days, you will notice the plant will begin to sparkle, meaning it is time to harvest your adorable Allagan Melon.  Then you can learn it to add it to your minion collection.

This minion is also used to create the popular sliced melon food item which can be placed in a house and eaten up to 10 times for a food buff too.  This can be sold on the market board, and tends to sell well, especially in the summer months.  You cannot learn the minion if you plan to use it to create sliced melon.

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