How to get the Fat Cat Minion in Final Fantasy XIV

The Fat Cat Minion is one of the most coveted pets in the game, thanks to its pleasantly plump shape and its animations.  But it can be a challenge to get this minion, especially when it sells for half a million gil or more.  You can farm this pet yourself, but it will take some work.

Getting ready to farm the fat cat minion

First, you need to get your fishing skill to a minimum of level 50.   You don’t necessarily need to level your fishing skill by fishing, you can also choose to level it with Grand Company turn ins or levequests.  But you need to have at least level 50 fishing first.

You need to level a retainer who is also a fisher.   You can level this at the same time as you level fishing on your own character, or level it after.  Remember, your retainers cannot be a higher skill level in fishing than you are yourself.   If you want tips on leveling your retainers quickly, we have a retainers power leveling guide here.

Once your retainer has a fishing skill of at least 50, and is also geared with an appropriate level fishing gear as well as +gathering armor, you can then start farming for the pet.

You need to send your fishing retainer on specific Waterside Exploration ventures.  Not all have a chance to return the Fat Cat minion, so you will want to choose the correct ones, as they all look pretty similar in the list.

Which explorations drop the fat cat minion?

These are the Waterside Exploration ventures that have a chance to return with the Fat Cat minion:

  • Waterside Exploration XIV (Retainer Level 50)
  • Waterside Exploration XV (Retainer Level 50)
  • Waterside Exploration XVI (Retainer Level 50)
  • Waterside Exploration XVII (Retainer Level 51)
  • Waterside Exploration XVIII (Retainer Level 55)
  • Waterside Exploration XIX (Retainer Level 60)
  • Waterside Exploration XXIV (Retainer Level 75)
  • Waterside Exploration XXV (Retainer Level 80)

It is worth noting that two of these Waterside Expeditions that drop the Fat Cat minion can also drop other pets, making it somewhat more profitable to send your retainer on those ventures, however, they are level 60 and 80, meaning you will need to have a fishing skill of 60 or 80 respectively, and have your retainer levelled to the same, to be able to send your retainer on those explorations.

The Waterside Exploration XIX (Retainer Level 60) drops the Gestahl minion and the Odder Otter minion, making it a somewhat more profitable venture since it has a chance to return 3 pets you can learn or sell on the market board.

The Waterside Exploration XXV (Retainer Level 80) also drops the Domakin minion, a koi fish.

How long will it take you to get this minion?  It all comes down to luck.  You might get it on the first Waterside Exploration you send your retainer on, or it may take weeks or months.  It really depends.   After you get the Fat Cat minion, you may want to continue sending out on these explorations, especially the level 60 one which drops the 3 different pets, so you can sell them on the market board.

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