How to get the Gysahl Ring in FFXIV

One of the favorite ring models (outside of the wedding ceremony ring) is the Gysahl Ring, a bright green ring in the shape of a flower.

It has quite a noticeable appearance even from a distance and anyone who looks at a players hand can easily tell it is not just another regular ring.

The ring was originally a reward in a gear design contest in 2012, so not many players have it when it was originally released.

It is untradeable and market board prohibited, so it is more difficult to obtain than many other rings in the game.

Fortunately, your retainers can return with this ring in their explorations, and it just drops from a single exploration, which makes it a bit easier to farm, although it definitely will take some time.

This ring can be a random but rare reward from Field Exploration X (45).  This mission takes 18 hours and requires 2 ventures to send.  Your retainer will need to have 35 iLvl to be able to do this mission.

There are many items the retainer can return with on this mission, so be prepared to send out many missions before you are lucky enough that he or she returns with the Gyshal Ring.

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