How to Grow Plants in Your FFXIV Apartment or Free Company Private Quarters

If you haven’t been able to purchase a house in Final Fantasy yet (and so many have not), you likely have either your own apartment in one of the housing districts, or private quarters located in your Free Company’s house.  But you may not realize that you can grow plants in both your apartment and private quarters too!

Because so many players could not obtain a house since most housing districts are fully occupied and open plots tend to have many people all trying to purchase it, those who want their own space to decorate often purchase an apartment or private chambers in a free company house.  So FFXIV has added the ability to add flowerpots to both!

The flowerpots you can place in apartments or chambers are called Riviera Flowerpot, Oasis Flowerpot and Glade Flowerpot.  They all work as an individual flowerpot.  All three have quite different appearances, so you can use the housing preview menu to decide which flower pot fits your decor best.  Each costs 1200 gil and you can have two per apartment or chambers.

Riviera Flowerpot
Glade Flowerpot
Oasis flowerpot

These flowerpots can be purchased from the Housing Merchant or Apartment Merchant in each of the housing districts.

Other than the fact they are single garden plots, they act just like a regular garden pet in terms of growing crops, including minions.  There are also some seeds, such as oldrose seeds, which can only be planted in a flowerpot.

However, you cannot crossbreed in flowerpots, even if they are next to each other.  You can only do crossbreeding with plants in a flower bed that is placed outside a personal house or Free Company house.

When a plant is ready to be harvested, it will sparkle to show it is ready.

Don’t forget if you have both a private apartment and a private chamber in your free company house, you can have two flowerpots in each.

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