How to Power Level Your Retainers Quickly in FFXIV

Retainers can be an important part of the game in Final Fantasy.  First and foremost, it is through your retainers that you are able to sell items to other players via the market board.  But secondly, retainers can be sent on mission to bring back useful materials for crafting items in the game, meaning you do not need to go and personally farm specific materials if you want to craft something, you can send your retainers off to get it for you instead.

Here is our guide to power leveling your retainers quickly.


Retainer Leveling Restrictions

However, retainers are restricted to bringing back items and the number of items they return by both their character level and their gear level.  Character level for retainers is similar to actual character level, they start at 1 and can reach the current character max limit.  For a DoW or DoM, their gear is determined by level while for miners, botanists and fishers, it is determined by the gathering rating only.

As you level up your character, you can equip your retainers with your old gear as you level them too.

It is important to note that your retainers CANNOT exceed your current level.  So if your botany level is only 55, your retainer cannot exceed that level.  The same also applies to your DoW or DoM jobs.  If you have levelled a Scholar only DoW/DoM, then if you decide to do a Gladiator retainer, that retainer will stay as level 1, until you play your Gladiator and begin to level it.  If you have made this mistake, you can always reset the retainer by swapping to a new weapon.

Quickest Retainer Leveling While In Game

When you are playing in game, it is fastest to level them using the quick exploration ventures.  It requires two ventures for every quick exploration you send them on.  So re-send your retainers out every hour and you will level them up quite quickly.

Quickest Retainer Leveling While Offline

When you decide to log off the game for the day, then you want to take advantage of the 18-hour exploration missions.  These explorations award a huge amount of experience for your retainers, but since they are 18 hours long, you can’t send them as often, making it an ideal option for when you aren’t in the game.  There are also many unique rewards that only come from the various 18-hour mission, such as special glamour, rare or expensive crafting materials and many minions.  So you may decide to farm specific ones if there is very little difference in experience between them for the level your retainer is at.

There are many, many types of these exploration missions.

But you can see they reward a huge amount of experience, especially at higher levels.

Experience With Supply and Material Ventures

Experience earned on your retainer is also dependent on the level of the ventures you send them on if you are deciding to send them on ventures to bring back specific materials.  So a level 1 venture returning shards on a level 30 retainer won’t net you as much experience as sending them on a level 30 venture for crystals instead.  However, if you are needing the materials for crafting, consider sending your retainers on the higher-end crafting material ventures and purchasing the lower venture materials if you are wanting to level the retainers faster.

Leveling Retainers Instantly via Mog Station

It is also worth noting that you can also purchase a special upgrade from the Mog Station store called “Tales of Adventure: One Retainers Journey II” which will automatically level your retainers to level 70.

You will still need to level from 70, but it can give you a nice quick headstart on levelling your retainers.  Or you might want to use one on your first retainer to get a jump start on it bringing back higher end crafting materials, while leveling your second retainer more casually.


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