Ishgard Housing: Everything We Know About FFXIV’s Newest Housing District

After Endwalker is released in November 2021, the next patch in the game should be bringing us what many players have been waiting for… a brand new housing district based in Ishgard.  This means that there will be a great number of housing plots available, including the coveted larger-sized plots that are exceedingly rare to obtain.

While we know the Ishgard housing district will be a cold and snowy place, Square Unix has been releasing details here and there about what to expect with the new housing district.  Here is everything we know so far!


When will Ishgard Housing be Available?

We know that it will become available sometime in the 6.1 patch, which is the first significant patch after the Endwalker expansion release in November 2021.  Everyone anticipates that this means anywhere from 2-6 months after Endwalker release, with many people guessing this means sometime between January and March as being the prime time guestimate.

It is important to note that when it is initially available, some plots will be available through a lottery system, rather than all first come, first served.

Why is the new housing district not being released with the expansion launch?

Square Unix has said they don’t want new housing to be a distraction from all the new content being released with Endwalker and would rather players focus on the new areas and leveling.

Will there be restrictions to purchase housing in Ishgard?

We expect there will be restrictions similar to what we saw with the release of Shirogane, where it was gated behind both a main scenario questline as well as a second unlock quest to unlock the specific housing district.

Right now, access to the Firmament area is gated behind the content from patch 3.3.  This means you will need to be both level 60 and completed the Litany of Peace main questline, which ends the Dragonsong War patch content.

While it is unknown whether this is required to purchase housing in Ishgard, it is very highly likely.

For those looking to purchase a Free Company plot in Ishgard, any FC members who are below level 60 and have not unlocked the area will be able to teleport to the FC house in Ishgard as long as there is an Aetheryte crystal in the yard to enable teleportation.

How will players be able to purchase housing in Ishgard?

There will be a lottery system in place for the launch fo the new housing district.

How much will housing plots in Ishgard cost?

We don’t have any confirmation yet whether the housing plot prices will remain the same.

Can players relocate their current house to Ishgard?

All we know is that there will be changes made to how relocations work, with the current relo rules being adjusted.  We also don’t know if this will impact those who are selling their housing plots are relocations either.

How can players enter the Ishgard housing lottery?

There will be requirements for players to be eligible for the lottery, although we do not know the details yet.  It is assumed to be at a certain player level will be required, such as the level 60 noted above.

You will be required to submit gil in advance to enter the lottery.  If you decide not to take a plot, there will be a significant gil penalty, but we do not how much.

How many plots will be first come first serve instead of the lottery?

This we do not know yet.  But Square Unix has said some will be first come, first served and some will be lottery.  It might be known in advance, or it could be as a result of lottery participation.

Will there be additional Free Company requirements for purchasing in Ishgard?

Some players have wondered if Square Unix might raise the FC rank requirement to purchase in Ishgard.  Right now, any Free Company rank 6 or higher can purchase a housing plot.  So while we have no confirmation, it could require a rank higher than 6 to purchase there.

There is also speculation you might need more than the current 4 members in a Free Company to purchase a plot.  Again, this is just speculation.

The reason some players speculate requirements might change is to make it a bit harder for those who are selling Free Companies with a house.

Is Square Unix setting aside specific plots for personal housing versus Free Company housing?

There have been a lot of complaints from Free Companies who want to be able to take advantage of things like the workshop but who have been unable to purchase a housing plot.  They have confirmed that there will be certain wards specifically designated as personal or free company housing for purchase.  We don’t know if this is just for the initial launch or if it will be permanent.

Do we know the layout?

Since we have been rebuilding, there has been speculation that this might be the layout:

Of course, this is just speculation, but it is expected to be close or similar.




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