The Best Small Housing Plots in Final Fantasy

For most homeowners in Final Fantasy, a small cottage is the size of the housing plot they will own.  While usually, a first-time home owner will purchase in the Goblet in one of the fourth or fifth class plots, it is easy to relocate to a new plot when one of the better spots become available.  If you are looking to purchase your very first housing plot in Final Fantasy, we have a beginner’s guide to buying a house here.

If you are looking to trade-up to a better housing district or a better small housing plot, there are some plots considered better than others.  And while many consider being beach-front as the best feature for a small, there are many hidden gems in all the housing districts, such as a private waterfall on a private island or being next to a little known hidden beach.

There are also other conveniences players like, such as access to a market board or aetheryte crystal that can influence the desirability of a plot.  We have noted when these are located close by, but this list will look at features like the view, privacy, beach location and sunsets.

Of course, there are other external factors that can affect a specific housing plots desirability such as neighbors.  Many people don’t like what many players refer to as meme houses as their neighbors, such as the Paissa, Odder Otter, Chocobo or Carbuncle-style houses.  Of course, nothing prevents a neigbor from moving in and using those housing wall types either.  And it is not unknown for players to pay gil to their meme-loving neighbors to switch walls or purchase the plot outright.

For the majority of the best small housing plots (with the possible exception of some of the better Goblet plots) you will likely end up needing to relocate to one of the top end smalls, it is very unlikely one of these will go to a placard sale for first-time buyers.

Do note that a housing plot’s tier rank (with tier 1 being the highest price and generally best plots in each neighborhood) is often a sign of a plot’s desirability, there are other plots that are amazing in their own right, depending on what you are looking for, and might be one you can pick up on a relo.


Best Smalls in The Mists

There are multiple small plots in the Mists that are beachfront with easy access to the sandy beaches and water, along with adorable cabanas.  Do note that only the subdivisions in The Mists have the sunset.

Plot 49

Mists 38 with sunset view

This plot has a gorgeous view of the sunset and is one of the best smalls available.

Plot 8/38

Sunset view from Mists 38

While not beachfront, this is considered the best non-beach spot in The Mists with its overreaching views of the entire neighborhood and the platform landing it is located on.

Mists 8/38 private bench and landing

One nice feature to this plot is a private staircase to this private landing with bench, perfect for gatherings or a Free Company plot.

Only the subdivision plot 38 has the sunset though.

Best Smalls in Lavender Beds

Plot 29/59

Lavender Beds 29 59 overlooking waterfall with a private bridge

This small is at the back of Lavender Beds but it is on its own private island of sorts, with a private bridge to the housing plot with a gorgeous view of the waterfall.  This is a very private plot and you will seldom see anyone around your house unless they are specifically looking for your house.  This is one of the most sought-after smalls in the game.  Some people don’t like the high natural rock walls on the sides as it can block views and make lofting decks impossible.


Plot 9/39

Lavender Beds Plot 9 39

This small is not to far from the much-coveted medium 11/41 plot.  It is right on the water and looks over a waterfall.

Plot 7/37

Lavender Beds 7 37, showing view from left side of house.

This plot also looks over the waterfall that plot 9/39 is situated on, but there is the pathway between the plot and the house, as well as an awkward rock placement in the corner closest to the waterfall.  But still one of the better plots.

Plot 17/47

This plot overlooks the dock area and has a huge front area for gatherings and quick access waterfront areas for hanging out too.  The summoning bell is out front and the market board is also nearby.  This is also coveted for a Full Company member whose FC owns the nearby Medium plot.


Best Smalls in Shirogane

When Shirogane was added, many people were pleased to discover they added many beach front smalls, so there are a lot more tier 1 smalls in this neighborhood than in the others.

Shirogane also has gorgeous sunsets.

Shirogane sunset in the subdivision.

Plot 9/39

Private beach in Shirogane
Shirogane cave to private hot springs

This plot features a path to a hidden beach and hot spring, which many players are not aware exists in the neighborhood, so many treat this beach and hot spring as an extension of their house as it is rare to see anyone there.

Plot 10/40

Also next to the path to the hidden beach and hot spring, but this small has a lesser view compared to its neighbor at 9/39

Plot 27/57

Backyard view

This plot is situated right next to the park and also has a backyard waterfall view.  This often gets overlooked for relos since it is a 5th grade plot.

Plot 5/35

View of the park from the front yard

This Shirogane plot has a small pond right next to it and it is a dirt path of the park leading to the front gate, rather than the usual brick walkways

Best Smalls in Goblet

While plots in the Goblet are the least popular, primarily due to the esthetics of the neighbourhoods and the fact that none have beachfront zones like the other three current housing districts, since canyon views aren’t as desired as water views, only the plots with the fountain or a great canyon view tend to be sought after.

There are definitely some hidden gems here, with waterfall, fountain or canyon views, but most often, people tend to purchase a plot in Goblet then take advantage of the relocation to go to one of the other housing districts instead.

On the positive side, it can be easy to get one of these better Goblet plots off a placard purchase for a first housing plot, because people prefer the other housing zones instead, which will save you on a relocation cost to a better location.

Goblet 7 / 27

Canyon view from Goblet plot 7 27 on a cloudy day

This plot has sweeping views of the canyon from the entire plot and has a marketboard and summoning bell right outside the gate.

Goblet 14 / 44

Goblet plot 14 / 44 waterfall view in backyard

This plot is located on the main plaza but also the backyard looks out over one of the waterfalls.  There is a tall canyon wall next to the backyard as well, which makes this plot seem exceptionally private, despite being on the central plaza.

Plot 1/31

Goblet plot 1 / 31

This plot tends to be a love it or hate it plot.  Some love the fact it is right by the entrance to the neighborhood, but others prefer to not have all the players running past all the time.  It does offer a fairly nice view of the canyon and has a market board and summoning bell right down the stairs from the plot.

Plot 20/50

Waterfall view at Goblet plot 20 / 50

This plot has a waterfall behind that drops into the pool next to the house.  There is also a market board and summoning bell right next to it as well as being right next to the center plaza area.

Plot 21/51

View from Goblet plot 21 / 51

This plot has a nice canyon view and the front is fairly private.

Back yard view of Goblet plot 21 51
Back yard view of Goblet plot 21 51

But if you like to hang out in your yard, be aware that the stairs for the neighborhood area come right down behind the house so people will be looking into your backyard a lot.

Final Thoughts

With medium houses being so popular and sought after, many players decide to go after the premium small plots instead.  And while judging a plot’s desirability based on what tier the plot is (with tier 1 being the best),  all the districts have hidden gems that can be purchased for cheaper and that tend to be available on the market long enough to relocate to (with maybe the exception of the Lavender Beds fabled 29/59 plot on its own island with a private waterfall).

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