Unlocking Hidden Folklore Gathering Nodes in Endwalker

In every expansion, Final Fantasy adds new hidden gathering nodes for higher-end gathering materials that are used for most of the end game raiding crafted gear, as well as for some of the more unique glam items.  But there are some steps you need to go through in order to unlock these special nodes.

First, you will need a total of 14,400 white gatherers scripts to unlock all of the new folklore tomes – there are 3 books each for mining, botany, and fishing.  It works out to 1600 for each tome you wish to buy.  Purchasing them is slightly more confusing.

The scripts vendor, named Scripts Exchange, sells a new item called Regional Folklore Trader’s Token C for 100 white gatherer scripts each.  Then you turn in 16 of these tokens for each of the Folklore books you would like.

The 16 Folklore books, and the material each unlocks, are:

Note that there are 3 locations each for Stonehard Water and Potent Spice.  Each book only unlocks one of the locations.  So if you would like to be able to gather from all 3 node locations for each, you need all three books.

The vendors for purchasing the tokens and tomes are found in the hall in Radz-at-Han.

You can earn the gatherers scripts by gathering collectibles and turning them in for scripts.  But do note that only the lower level nodes will give white scripts for collectibles.  Level 90 nodes have collectibles that are turned in for purple gatherers scripts.

For each book, you need a total of 1600 white gatherers scripts to exchange for tokens.

The recipes for using these items won’t be added to the game until 6.1 patch, which is currently scheduled to launch on January 4, 2022.  The recipe books for these items will be released and will be purchased with crafters scripts on launch.

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