What do all the different FATE icons mean in Final Fantasy XIV?

If you  have been farming FATEs, either as levelling or as part of a campaign, such as a relic weapon, you may have noticed there are multiple types of FATE icons that show on the map.  But even a mouseover doesn’t make it clear what each type of FATE icon means.

If you are soloing mobs for FATEs, you might find that escort quests with timed mob spawns along a path are easier.  Or you might prefer to engage a larger boss-type enemy for a FATE that only has one mob to kill with higher health, but also tends to award more XP.  And some FATEs are specially designated to earn a bonus amount of XP that those levelling might want to engage first.

This icon means the FATE requires you to kill multiple mobs until the FATE bar is filled.  As enemies are killed, new ones will spawn in.  They tend to be pretty widely spread apart.  If you are doing one of these FATEs solo, you can easily stand new the edge of the FATE (being sure you are still within the FATE itself) to kill these enemies one or two at a time.  This is one of the most common FATE types you will see in your map.

This icon means the FATE requires you to kill a single boss-type enemy to complete this FATE.  They you will rarely need to kill any other mobs, especially if you are near the middle of the FATE zone where you won’t accidentally pull an extra mob.

Collecting FATEs require you to gather up some type of box or other material within the FATE area, or to kill mobs that will automatically place these collecting items into your inventory.  You then turn these items in to the designated NPC.  Once the bar is filled, you usually have around 30 seconds to turn in any last items to the NPC before it completes.

This is an escort type of FATE which requires you to accompany an NPC from the start location to a designating ending spot.  You will stop multiple times on the journey to kill enemies.  These FATEs can often spawn a subsequent related FATE at the ending spot once the escort FATE is complete.

This defensive FATE icon requires you to defend an area or an NPC from waves of enemies that will spawn into the FATE area.

If  you ever see a FATE with a flower style icon on the lower right corner, this is a FATE that also grants bonus experience.  It can appear on any of the FATE icons shown above.

Also worth noting is that there are two mobs that can randomly appear while you are fighting a FATE in Stormblood.  If you kill these special mobs BEFORE completing the FATE, you will get a huge experience bonus buff for the next FATE you do.

The Forlorn Maiden grants a 50% experience bonus while the very rare The Fornlorn gives 250% bonus experience for the next FATE you do after the one it spawned in.  But you only get the buff if you kill either Forlorn mobs before the FATE completes.

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