Cassie Earrings

Where to get the Cassie Earrings in Final Fantasy XIV

The Cassie earrings are one of the hardest earring sets to get. On the positive side, these are earrings you can pick up off the market board. On the downside, these earrings tend to sell for 20-50 million gil, both for glamour purposes and simply for the noticeable status symbol of having such a rare drop.

Cassie Earrings

When Eureka was popular, these earrings were a pretty hot commodity as they had bonus stats that were active only while in Eureka.

Eureka Effect:
Strength +102
Dexterity +102
Intelligence +102
Mind +102
Vitality +71
Haste +3

In order to get the earrings to drop, you need to have all the stars align for you. First, they only drop from the FATE Cassie and the Copycats in the Barren Arena of Eureka Pagos, and you need to get a gold rating in order to have the chance for these earrings to drop. However, this particular FATE seems to rarely spawn and it requires the weather to be blizzard in order to have a chance for the FATE to spawn. This all adds up to a very small chance to get the earrings on a very small chance you will be lucky enough to see the FATE spawn. Added to the fact that there are not many people in Eureka, it could be a very hard grind.

These earrings do sell, but they tend to sell very unfrequently, so if you have a pair of the Cassie earrings to sell, you might want to check some of the fashion discords in case anyone is looking to buy them.

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