How to check housing lottery if you forgot the plot you bid on in FFXIV?

If you bid on a house during the housing lottery in Final Fantasy XIV, especially early in the bidding cycle, you may have forgotten exactly which plot you bid on.  But there is a way to find out what plot you bid on!

In game, click on the Duty icon, and then select the Timers option – or if you use default keybinds, Ctrl-U also works to bring up the timers.

From your timers screen, select the Estate tab.

In the Estate tab is a line named “Housing Lottery Status”.  In addition to telling you if it is in the bidding period or the results period, it will show you which plot you entered the lottery on.

You will need to go to the placard of the property you bid on in order to see whether you won or lost the plot, and to get your gil back from a losing bid.

Also, if you try and bid on a housing plot in the next bidding cycle and you have not yet claimed your gil from a previous bid, it will not allow you to place a new bid until you retrieve your gil.

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