How to get False Nails In FFXIV

There are very few items in Final Fantasy XIV that change your nails.  There are The Claws of the Beast, which are long talon like nails, as well as the ones that come with the Dirndl’s Attire on the Dirndl’s Wrist Torque, but many don’t prefer that one since it comes with friendship bracelets.

There are false nails, which you can use to turn your character’s fingernails into nicely polished nails that are dyable.  But because they come from a beast tribe, many people put off doing the beast tribe for them.

But the false nails are extremely easy to get.  You only need to do two days worth of quests, and you will be able to get the rep needed to purchase false nails, along with the required currency needed.

The false nails come from the Ananta Beast Tribes, a Stormblood beast tribe located in The Fringes.

In order to unlock the Ananta Beast Tribe, you need to have reached and completed at least the level 67 MSQ The Silence of the Gods, then have completed the Brooding Broodmother quest.

The questchain that least to completing that starts with The Hidden Truth (which awards an aether current, so it was likely done during MSQ time).  The follow up quest to that is Drawing a Blank – just continue through the questchain until you get to Brooding Broodmother, which starts the main questline for Ananta Beast Tribes.

Then once you get to the daily quests, you need to complete two full sets over two days, and that it enough to give you the reputation to purchase false nails.

The nails are purchased with Ananta Dreamstaff, the currency used by the Beast Tribe.

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