Loporrit DJ Beast Tribes

How to unlock the Loporrit Beast Tribes

In Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the lovable bunnies known as Loporrits have set their sights on creating a hot club to host some sick DJ sets. And they need your help! As a skilled crafter, you have the opportunity to assist them each day with their quest and earn exclusive rewards in return.

Similar to other tribe quests, you are limited to completing three quests per day, but with each quest you complete, you earn special currency, reputation points, and a significant amount of EXP. Once you earn enough reputation points, you will rank up with the tribe, unlocking more rewards to purchase with their special currency.

Keep in mind that you can only complete 12 tribe quests per day across all tribes, so make sure to prioritize the quests you want to complete to avoid missing out on any rewards, since when you level up between rep levels, you have the opportunity to do a second set of quests on those days.

How to unlock

To unlock the Loporrit Tribe quests, you must first complete the quest chain that begins with “Name That Way” in Mare Lamentorum, which rewards you with an Aether Current (if you can fly in Mare Lamentorum, you did this quest). Then, you must also complete the main scenario quest “Endwalker” and have at least one disciple of hand crafting job at level 80 or higher. Once these requirements are met, head to Old Sharlayan and speak to Dreamingway to begin the quest “Must Be Dreaming(way).”

For each quest you complete for the Loporrit Tribe, you’ll earn an Loporrit Carat that you can keep track of in your “currency” menu. These can be used to purchase special rewards from the tribe vendor, depending on your reputation rank, including the new Hopping Dance Mat.

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