Rainbow Hopping Mat

How to get the glowing rainbow dance floors in Final Fantasy XIV?

The brand new rainbow light up dance floors in Final Fantasy are the most exciting addition to housing since they added the dance poles.  But how can you get these new dance pads?

They are actually called Rainbow Hopping Rug.  However, they are not purchasable from the market board, which means you will need to obtain them yourself, or obtain them from someone via housing storage from your server.

They are easy to obtain if you have completed the Endwalker campaign and you have a crafter to level 80.  The new Loporrit Beast Tribes offer the Rainbow Hopping Rug in exchange for two Loporrit Carats, which is the currency obtained by doing Loporrit Beast Tribe Quests.

The good news about obtaining these dance mats is that you only need to do three days of Loporrit Beast Tribe quests to unlock the dance mats.  So as long as you have done Endwalker and completed the unlock quest, you can purchase the Rainbow Hopping Rug in just a few days!



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